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Premium Contemporary Art on Cardano

Our mission to be the leading premium Curated Marketplace on Cardano, putting the Creator First & driving high quality contemporary art into the Cardano ecosystem.

We are working with leading digital & contemporary physical artists globally, bringing their art & stories to life via a premium NFT platform experience developed for Creators, Collectors & Community.

We want to engage the Cardano community with rich content, storytelling and a considered aesthetic while empowering the Artist to take control.

DS. Creator Launchpad

Creator Launchpad provides Creators, with a premium NFT collection minting service, to launch NFTs globally into the Cardano market ecosystem. There are no minting fees.

Creators will be guided through an intuitive process to prepare and mint a collection of NFT’s, manage commission payment splits & future royalties, which are then embedded into the DS Smart Contracts (DSC) on mint. Onboarding to collection creation to minting takes minutes.

To manage the onboarding process we have developed systems and processes using Typeform and Hubspot CRM to provide process automation along each step of the journey.

This ensures the Creator experience is efficient and seamless and manages the requisite consent approvals in relation to commission, royalties and use of content for marketing.

Access to Creator Launchpad is currently controlled via secure invitations (using validation & verification from social channels including Twitter, Instagram, Discord).

Key Features:

  • Creator Invites

  • Onboarding (Twitter, Discord, Mobile, Email)

  • Discord Integration (Channels & Messaging)

  • Collection Minting Service

Free Minting

Yes we offer all our Creators free minting. Unlike other marketplaces there are no gas fees charged on minting so there is no need to fund a Wallet and transfer in funds before a collection is launched for sale.

Note: This avoids the typically lengthy process of a new creator having to acquire $ADA from an exchange before sending to a Web-Wallet on DS - removing a significant onboarding entry barrier.

DS. Curated Marketplace

Curated Marketplace is dedicated to 1:1 NFTs and is a full service marketplace that will allow creators to showcase and sell their NFTs globally.

We feel it's vital to separate 1:1 Art (contemporary art) from Collectibles trading as our feedback is that contemporary artists, both non Web3 experienced and those that have had some - do not want their work displayed next to the Collectibles. We get this, and have completely partitioned our Curated Marketplace from Collectibles.

Whilst we believe this to be simply a mainstream misconception, the separation will help transition in established artists from the contemporary art world to the Cardano ecosystem.

Combined with our Curated Services & Creator Launchpad, our marketplace is a compelling offering to new and existing premium Web3 creators globally.


  • Web3 Login (NAMI, FLINT, TYPHON, CCV)

  • Curated Marketplace Search

  • NFT Transactions (Buy, Cancel, Reprice)

  • Notifications (Discord / Twitter / Instagram)

  • Public Profile

  • Account & Settings

DS. Curated Services

DS Curated bridges the gap between old & new providing a full service white glove experience - a bespoke solution - to selected Artists. This includes full advisory, collection curation. Access to premium animation / 3D services combined with marketing services including artist interview videos, paid ad's and targeted PR distribution.

DS is an experience not just a platform. We empower Creators through process personalisation.

Artist Services:

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