Dropspot - Liquid Offers

Dropspot Liquid Offers is a way for marketplace users to make Asset and Collection Offers with a single 'self staked' UTxO.

The 'Offer' is a UTxO that is locked into a Smart Contract. The Offer UTxO has special Inline Datum attached to it which allows the Contract to know what Tokens are able to be used to unlock the ADA held in the Contract.

The interesting thing about this 'Contract' is that it allows the end user (the Offerer) to retain the staking rights to the locked ADA while it is locked in the contract. This means that the Offerer can still earn staking rewards on their ADA while it is locked in the contract.

The way that Dropspot achieves this is by utilizing a 'Franken' address. The Eternl Wallet explains the Franken address as (emphasis my own):

A normal (base) Cardano address consists of two parts. A payment part that controls who can spend the funds on the address, and a stake part that controls what stake pool (if any) the funds are delegated to. It's possible to combine the payment part of an address (base or enterprise) from one wallet with the stake part of an address (base or stake) from another wallet to form a so-called 'Franken Address'.

If there is a successful match between the Offer and a Bid, then the Offerer will receive the Bidder's ADA and the Bidder will receive the Offerer's Tokens. If there is no match, then the Offerer can withdraw their ADA and Tokens at any time.

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