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Premium NFT-as-a-Service. Project advisory & design, minting services, white label services, claim services, loyalty programs, collectible design & development, activations and artist collaborations.

Creator FIRST.

We are a curated NFT experience on Cardano, the world’s most intelligent blockchain. Empowering creators to regain artistic sovereignty; take full control of their work, connect them to new markets, global buyers and collaborators.

We are building a decentralised community based on meritocracy. By opening up the playing field to more creators, we seek to create an environment for the greater good, where the collective produces real world solutions powered by diversity of thought.

Creator Launchpad.

Creator Launchpad provides Creators, with a premium NFT collection minting service, to launch NFTs globally into the Cardano market ecosystem. There are no minting fees.

Creators will be guided through an intuitive process to prepare and mint a collection of NFT’s, manage commission payment splits & future royalties, which are then embedded into the DS Smart Contracts (DSC) on mint. Onboarding to collection creation to minting takes minutes.

Access to Creator Launchpad is currently controlled via secure invitations (using validation & verification from social channels including Twitter, Instagram, Discord).

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Premium Experience

DS Curated provides a full service white glove experience to selected Artists. This includes full collection curation, advice with access to animation / 3D services combined with marketing services including artist interview videos and targeted PR distribution. We want to engage the Cardano community with rich content, storytelling and a considered aesthetic while empowering the Artist to take control.

Community Focused

DS has been developed to optimise Creator experience, creating value and building community. To make it easy and secure for everyone to participate, create, share and grow in the world of Web3 through NFTs.

We know that giving back and contributing is key, and as such, have integrated contribution-based features in the form of commission splits on sale & perpetual royalties which can be configured by the Artist to reward collaborators. charities & anyone else.

We are currently building a pool of creatives to create content to launch our artists - videographers, animators, 3D wizards - globally. Providing ongoing paid work on fun projects.


We are focused on using our platform to deliver programs that can bring underrepresented groups into the contemporary art world.

We want to give to back and support independent artists, local art communities, schools and grass roots organisations and are currently reaching out to setup our philanthropy structure.

Watch this space for announcements.


Cardano is our blockchain of choice for a number of critical reasons. We were attracted to the ethos of peer-reviewed work, about getting it right at the start & scaling slow. Principles that we adopt for the DS development process & have been proven sound when viewing Cardano's progress.

However, it was the Proof of Stake consensus vs Proof of Work (BTC) & the sustained efficiency that the mechanism provides which really made the decision on blockchain of choice straightforward.

Cardano consumes 28,000 times less energy than the old PoW ETH blockchain. Where one transaction is similar to 250k visa card transactions !

Proof-of-Stake (PoS) is far more energy-efficient and environmentally sustainable consensus algorithm to use to secure distributed decentralised blockchains.

Explained beautifully by Emurgo.

"PoS relies on different validators that have proved to the blockchain network that they are staking their native blockchain’s underlying assets or cryptocurrency such as Cardano’s ADA.

In essence, validators lock a number of coins, ADA in the case of Cardano, as a form of collateral in something called “staking.”

The blockchain network then rewards the validators staking their coins with a higher probability of earning rewards based on the size of their stake and the amount of time those funds remain staked to the network.

A sort of lottery is run by the network. The more funds a validator has staked in the network, the higher the chances it will pick them as the “winner” to be able to mine a new data block and earn cryptocurrency rewards.

There are two main advantages to this model:

  1. The hardware requirements to become a validator in PoS are far cheaper than becoming a miner in PoW.

  2. The modest hardware requirements in PoS consume 1,900 kWh annually. A far cry from the demanding electric consumption required by PoW mining farms."

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