Smart Contract

About the SuperCube NFTs and the SuperCube Smart Contract

Each SuperCube is locked within a Dropspot Smart contract that allows you to activate, renew, or on-sell an activated SuperCube.


Anyone can activate a SuperCube. Activation will require the following inputs:



Policy hash of your collection


The number of days that the SuperCube will be activated for.

When you activate a SuperCube, the policy details will be inscribed on chain via a transaction. A SuperCube activation cannot be cancelled.


You are able to renew the activation period of a SuperCube right up until 2 days / 48 hrs prior to the deactivation date.

SuperCubes not renewed will be returned for public sale, however will not be reactivated for a new policy until the existing period is complete.

Accept Offer

You can mark the SuperCube for offer at any time throughout your activation period. When you accept an offer, the SuperCube will be activated immediately for the purchaser's chosen policy.

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