Creator Launchpad

Creator Launchpad is now open for Artist onboarding.

Perpetual Royalty and Splits

A key feature of the platform is the ability to empower our Creators to attribute multi-line perpetual royalties. We are influencing the Cardano native standard in this way via CIP202. perpetual. Perpetual royalties are paid on future sales of the NFTs on platforms that honour the standard.

License Builder

DS has constructed NFT-specific set of Licensing Agreements, that gives our Creators the power to select the most fit-for purpose parameters, based upon key conditions.

These conditions include making the art works available for commercial use, remixing and adaptation, along with requiring attribution when sharing from the NFT holder.

Note: Out licences are based on the Creative Commons standard for Creative Assets.

Non Custodial & Secure

Tokens minted on DS are minted directly into the Creator-selected DS Smart Contract for sale. As such DS does not take custody of the NFTs for sale, but rather rely upon the DSC to manage the sale.

Tokens listed on our secondary marketplace, are also handled in the same way. This means that Dropspot is a safe and secure marketplace, that inherits key security features from the Cardano network.


Growth is about attracting new artist to our platform and minting high quality, unique and valuable NFTs. We've built a social verification system allowing new creators to Dropspot to be invited by either their mobile phone, Twitter or Instagram handles.

This will put upward pressure on the quality of our creators and the exclusivity of their work, along with allowing accelerated creator acquisition.

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