Support your holders, stimulate trade, increase liquidity and retain community value using a Dropspot SuperCube.

What Are SuperCubes?

SuperCubes are NFT's locked in a Dropspot Smart Contract, that tell the Dropspot Marketplace to allow commission-free trading for a chosen policy.

The SuperCubes are also used to unlock key features and provide holders of your collection access to platform benefits such as a DMTx accrual boost and sniping tools.

All NFT's minted under a SuperCube's nominated policy will trade for free on Dropspot.

Only one policy can be unlocked with each SuperCube purchase. Speak to the Dropspot team however if you have multiple smaller collections.

How do SuperCubes work?

Each SuperCube is locked within a smart contract, and can be activated for a single policy for a length of time.

The mimim length is 30 days, and the maximum length is 90 days.

Prior the end of the activation period, the SuperCube owner has the option to renew, on-sell or allow the SuperCube to deactivate.

Deactivated SuperCubes will be released to the public for sale.

Upon purchase, an on-chain transaction is made, setting your policy's commission to 0% on Dropspot.

What do SuperCubes cost?

Each super cube unlocks benefits for your holders of your Collection on Dropspot.


Dark Matter


Commission Free Trading. 10x DMTx Boost. Access Pass. Priority Display. Marketing + Content.

10,000 ADA

Star Dust


Commission Free Trading. 5x DMTx Boost. Access Pass. Priority Display. Marketing.

5,000 ADA

Moon Dust


Commission Free Trading. 2x DMTx Boost. Access Pass.

1,000 ADA

How do I purchase a SuperCube?

Visit https://dropspot.io/verify to claim your collection on Dropspot. From there, you are able to purchase a SuperCube for your collection directly.

โœ…pageVerify Collection

Benefits of a SuperCube for your project and community

Depending upon the month / collection anywhere between 500k -1 M worth of ADA is extracted from the ecosystem in the form of commission fees. Removing commission from a sale will have the following benefits:

  • Increased trade volume - stimulate community activity

  • Increased royalties - uplift in trade will likely cover the cost of the SuperCube.

  • Value retention - value stays within your community to support project objectives

  • Accessibility - floor price is dampened having a positive effect on holder count

  • AAA pass for your holders - allows access to all areas of Dropspot, analytics, live trades etc.

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