Creator Launchpad + Marketplace now live.


DS. Creator Launchpad

Creator Launchpad provides Creators, with a premium NFT collection minting service, to launch NFTs globally into the Cardano market ecosystem. There are no minting fees.

Creators will be guided through an intuitive process to prepare and mint a collection of NFTโ€™s, manage commission payment splits & future royalties, which are then embedded into the DS Smart Contracts (DSC) on mint. Onboarding to collection creation to minting takes minutes.

DS. Curated Marketplace

Curated Marketplace is dedicated to 1:1 NFTs and is a full service marketplace that will allow creators to showcase and sell their NFTs globally.

We feel it's vital to separate 1:1 Art (contemporary art) from Collectibles trading as our feedback is that contemporary artists, both non Web3 experienced and those that have had some - do not want their work displayed next to the Collectibles. We get this, and have completely partitioned our Curated Marketplace from Collectibles.

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