Verify Collection

How to verify your collection on Dropspot and activate secondary trading.

Collection Verification

As a Collection Owner you are able to create a verification request to claim ownership of your project on Dropspot.
Once you have been verified as the Policy owner, you will have the ability to maintain your project information and brand assets, and control how your collection appears on Dropspot.
The Dropspot team will perform a number of verification steps with you before approving the collection as verified.
Note: we require that you connect either Twitter or Discord so that we can verify your identity.

1. Create Verification Request

Visit and click 'Verify Collection' to begin.
Dropspot's Collection Verification form, showing a purchased SuperCube

2. Submit for Verification

Submit the collection for verification by clicking 'Submit'. Dropspot will endeavour to verify the collection within 24hrs. Once verified, you will be notified and your Collection will appear

3. Purchase a Super Cube (Optional)

Purchase a Dropspot SuperCube for your policy to activate free trading and holder benefits.
Last modified 9mo ago